What is Jatropha

Jatropha is a tree, growing in the Gambia bush. The seeds contain oil that can be used as fuel: about 1/3 of the weight of the seeds is oil !

The oil can be used for:
  • Fuel for cars and generators.
  • Production of soap
  • As a fuel for cooking, so no longer need for charcoal or wood
  • Evening lights, as a substitute for candles
  • Increase your income by selling the oil
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Tabanani in Gambia

Jatropha curcas (Tabanani in Wolof, Baganaa in Mandinka, Kiidi in Fula) is a widespread plant in Gambia as in most tropical countries; it is often used as a live fence, and its leaves are used to treat certain skin ailments.  The hedgerows protect agricultural soils against erosion, and it is inedible to animals.  The oil from the seeds can be used to make soap, and also as fuel for diesel engines.

    • A piece of land or fencing your vegetable garden
    • Seeds from the bush
Key words:
  • Poverty reduction (protecting crops and selling seeds, oil and soap);
  • Desertification, more trees planted and less cutting for fire wood
  • Promotion of women (local soap production)
  • Erosion control (planting hedges)
  • Energy supply for the household and stationary engines in rural areas.

Jatropha = Your Future

Jatropha-Fuel Gambia

The Plant (Jatropha curcas L.) is a shrub or small tree which is planted in tropical and subtropical countries as a living fence to protect gardens and fields from animals. It produces small seeds which contain more than 30% of a non edible oil
The Products are oil, press-cake and the sediment of oil purification. The oil can be used as fuel in pre-combustion chamber diesel engines and as lubrificant, the oil and the sediment can be used for soap production and the press cake is a good organic fertilizer. The oil contains also an natural insecticide
The Oil Extraction can be done with hand- or engine driven expellers. These are simple machines, which can be operated on village level and built within the country


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